Bram Cohen(ブラム・コーエン)


キャストギャラクシー      キャストマーブル      キャストラトル
What age did you start interesting in puzzles?
I was always interested in puzzles as a child. The first really notable thing I did was find my own solution to the Rubik's Cube at age 12. It didn't occur to me to do the inverse of a sequence so I wound up doing the whole thing by layering the same sequence onto itself repeatedly until the whole cube was solved.
What age did you start creating puzzles?
I spent a lot of time when I was younger thinking about how to make mechanisms for some Rubik's Cube type puzzles, and came up with the shells approach when I was in high school. I didn't work on it seriously until 2003 though, when I came across a community of other people interested in such things online, and even then it was years before it became clear that 3d printing would make prototyping such things practical.
How do you invent puzzles?
That depends a lot on the genre of puzzle. For take-aparts like Hanayama makes I generally think of the motion I would like for the puzzle to have and then work out the details of the parts from there, although there's frequently a lot of prototyping and tweaking involved. For twisty puzzles I usually figure out how I'd like for them to scramble and then make a mechanism which matches that. For puzzle rings I figure out how the bands should related and then work out the weave pattern. For burrs I usually figure out an overall shape for the puzzle and the types of pieces and then try out possibilities using burrtools.
What is your hobby and interest?
In addition to puzzle inventing I work on a lot of software projects and also juggle (I can do 5 balls, working on 6) and spend time with my children.
Please give a message to all puzzle funs.
You're doing wonderful things for your brain working on puzzles. Keep at it.