Jin-Hoo Ahn(ジンフー・アン)


キャストジー&ジー      キャストパドロック
What age did you start interesting in puzzles?
I've been interested in puzzles since I was 11 years old.(If you regard maze as a type of puzzle, the age will be much younger! (I started to draw mazes about 7 years old))
What age did you start creating puzzles?
My first mechanical puzzle, G&G, was designed when I was 23.
How do you invent puzzles?
First I imagine a simple shape that has a interesting point as a puzzle. To find such shape, I sometimes go to museum or see a nice SF movies. Then, I improve the shape so that the solution of the puzzle becomes more complicated then before. Finally, I determine the scale and proportion of the puzzle to make the physical movement and design better. After that the puzzle comes up
What is your hobby and interest?
As well as designing, I like to collect other mechanical puzzles. For other hobbies, I like to read a book, and my favorite genre is detective fictions. Of course, it's good to read books about puzzles, too. I also enjoy magic shows, especially card tricks. The great magic tricks always fascinate me. Finally, I like to play puzzle games with computer. There are lots of interesting puzzle games, and some of them are really really good!
Please give a message to all puzzle funs.
To Puzzle Fans, When I see a person who plays my puzzle, I always want him/her to have an unexpected moment. Thant's because I believe the best way to make puzzle fans exciting is to give them a very new experience. So, when you try to solve a puzzle, please examine the shape, feel the movement, and enjoy the moment of Eureka!