Serhiy Grabarchuk(セルヒー・グラバルチュク)


What age did you start interesting in puzzles?
It started in 1966 when I was 8, and includes all possible puzzle forms and aspects. I'm a metagrobologist -- a person whose whole-life interest is puzzles and puzzling.
What age did you start creating puzzles?
I started when I was about 12. My first creations were geometric and 2-D puzzles.
How do you invent puzzles?
  1. 印象的なアイディアが見つかれば、それが未知の原理や特性である可能性があります。そうしたら、それをベースに違うパズルを開発することができます。
  2. シンプルな洞察力で、イメージの中にあるパズルが明確になります。時々新しいパズルの夢を見ます。それを忘れないうちに描き留めておくことです。そうしないと忘れてしまいます。
  3. 元のアイディアからどんどん変化させていった末に、新しいアイディアが出てきます。
  4. 異なる無関係なアイディアを組み合わせることで新しいアイディアが浮かぶこともあります。
  5. 多少のヒネリは必要ですが、既に知られているアイディアを改善してもできます。
  6. 基本的なパズルの原理を使って、目的やテーマに基づいた新しいパズルを作ることができます。
  7. 以前に誰かが創作したパズルを作ってしまうこともあります。それを避けるためには、既にあるたくさんのアイディアを知る必要があります。
  8. いかなる場合でも、新しいアイディアは、その核心だけを残すためにできる限り単純化し、テストし、磨くべきです。

There are many ways to invent puzzles. Just to name a few:
  1. You can discover some idea which will impress you. It can be a discovery of an unknown principle or properties of certain objects. Then based on it you can develop different puzzles.
  2. It can be a simple insight, and you see a puzzle clearly in your imagination. Sometimes you can see a dream about a new puzzle. You just need to draw it fast. If you don't do that, the idea most likely will be lost for you.
  3. A new idea can arise as a chain of related transformations of some basic idea.
  4. You can combine different, unrelated ideas to get a new one.
  5. It can be a result of improving known ideas, but with some twists.
  6. You can make a new puzzle based on some object or theme, using basic puzzle principles.
  7. Sometimes you can even invent what was already invented before. You need to know many-many ideas which exist to avoid that.
  8. In all cases, every new idea should be simplified, tested, and polished as much as possible, to leave just its very core.
What is your hobby and interest?
puzzle, games, tricks, and illusions; collecting them; books on these themes; solving puzzles; writing puzzle books and articles; puzzle research and historical studies; good music, photography, cinema, and different languages.
Please give a message to all puzzle funs.
I believe that puzzles create a universal, timeless value which is peaceful, smart, and enjoyable at the same time.